Joseph Tanney, AIA

Joseph Tanney, AIA

    Joseph Tanney founded Resolution: 4 Architecture in 1990 with Robert Luntz. Since its inception, his ten-person New York office has been internationally published and highly acclaimed, completing projects in the residential, commercial, and public realms. Tanney was a student and an employee of both Charles Gwathmey and Peter Eisenman, prior to starting his own practice.

    Resolution: 4 Architecture’s most recent and ongoing preoccupation is THE MODERN MODULAR, a systematic methodology of design that leverages existing methods of prefabrication for residential construction. These efforts are an attempt to offer an option of ‘Mass Customization’ to the single-family housing market, thereby potentially transforming the sub-urban fabric of the American domestic landscape.

    Having designed over 120 prefab homes from Maine to Hawaii using modular, panelized, and hybrid methods of delivery, Resolution: 4 Architecture is considered one of the most prolific prefab architecture firms practicing today.


    Session Title: The Modern Modular
    Educational Track: Design
    Session Code: FR1419
    Date: Friday, October 18, 2019
    Time: 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
    LU/HSW: 1.5 LUs/HSW